Restorative & Cosmetic Dental Services for Amherst, NY

Your oral health is our first priority at Amherst Dentistry. We put an emphasis on your dental care by providing cleanings, teeth whitening, full-mouth rehabilitations, dental implants and much more. We promise to deliver superb care with a gentle touch to enhance the natural beauty of your smile. At Amherst Dentistry, we can take care of all your dental needs in one place. We treat patients of all ages and are always ready to help with emergency dental issues. 

Amherst Dentistry offers everything you need to keep your teeth clean and prevent future dental issues. Our services not only include routine dental exams and cleanings, but also cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. We also provide all the advice you need to care for your teeth at home, including how to properly brush and floss.
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Your Trusted Choice for General Dentistry

Amherst Dentistry’s more extensive services include periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery. Our treatments can keep your teeth healthy and pain-free. We do everything we can to ensure a beautiful smile and perfect oral health.

Our team uses professional teeth cleaning techniques to ensure the brightest, healthiest smile possible. We also offer full restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. For teeth that are cracked, broken, or decayed, we provide fillings and crowns that can repair and protect your teeth. 

For more serious oral health issues, Amherst Dentistry provides restorative treatments like implants and root canals. If you have missing teeth, an implant can be inserted into the bone under your gums to act as a full replacement. Root canals can treat nerve issues with your tooth.

Visit our office for everything you need to enjoy clean, healthy teeth and the best smile possible.

Our complete list of services includes:

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